Wedding Forest Grove Plantation

Surrounded by family and friends, Sarah and Daniel had a perfect wedding day at Forrest Grove Plantation.

Hilltop Arboretum Family Session

                            Family time is time well spent.


These sweet sisters had no shortage of energy or smiles. Hilltop gave us the perfect location for family shots and also provided a moment for these precious girls to practice a childhood favorite, running up and down hills, producing a fun filled session!   




Courtney and Andrew Hemingbough Engagement Session




Courtney and Andrew have been making memories together

 since they first started dating in High School.

One of Courtney's fondest memories of their early High School romance, is the time Andrew took a detour on the way home from a date. Andrew brought Courtney to a beautiful field, parked the truck and turned on the radio. As the song "Remember When" by Allan Jackson began to play, Andrew asked Courtney to dance with him, so they stepped out of the truck and danced together in the field under a starry sky.



Courtney admire's Andrew's ability to face life's difficulties with courage and strength , she knows they will always support and encourage one another.


Courtney's ability to see others as more important than herself and putting others needs before her own has shown Andrew how much compassion Courtney has , he truly cherishes her for having such a big heart.


Because of their shared love of animals they plan on having a big yard someday, so they can add to the three kitties they already have, two of which are rescues, which have given them the desire to rescue more.

Thank you Courtney and Andrew for a wonderful day! I am looking forward to your beautiful fall wedding!


Camp Maternity Session Hilltop Arboretum

 Rebecca and Josh are celebrating the coming of baby Isaac and I am beyond thrilled to see them again, only having seen them once since I covered their wedding day almost 2 years ago.

Thank you Rebecca and Josh for letting me be a small part of welcoming baby Isaac,

I look forward to meeting your sweet baby boy.

 Dee, it was great to see you too! :) thanks for being so helpful!

Forrest Grove Plantation Wedding

Nicole and Tyler 


Journee and DJ Engagement Session Downtown Baton Rouge



Journee and DJ are one of the most fun-loving and playful couples

I have had the pleasure to spend time with.

Journee is a genuinely sweet, southern girl, who loves to go barefoot and DJ is a true southern gentleman who loves to have a good time with his sweetheart.



Smiles, playfulness and laughter were a constant theme with these two! 




DJ's fun side took over more than once, as you can see when he playfully tackled his girl to the ground , Journee being the sweetheart that she is, fully trusted him and was not in the least bit shaken , once they "landed" DJ's tender side was evident and Journee followed his lead again with a sweet kiss.

Journee and DJ were such a pleasure to be around

and I cannot wait to see  them again

as they begin their

"Happily Ever After!"

Katelyn and Zach a Baton Rouge Engagement Session

      Eight years ago Zach and Katelyn met through church. Both on different paths, each finishing up school, working and pursuing a career, they didn't reconnect until six years later on a group hiking trip. It was an incredible adventure they shared with one another and Zach instantly knew he wanted to pursue Katelyn.



Their first date started with dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and ended with a movie (they teased that Katelyn didn't know it was a date until much later in their relationship!). Zach knew she was the woman he prayed for all these years, his future wife.


   Each month they dated, Zach wrote Katelyn a note. The day he proposed he left roses and the previously written notes at different places for Katelyn to find. When he picked her up for their dinner date, Zach gave her a sixth rose. He kept the proposal a surprise by telling Katelyn it was her birthday celebration. They headed to their first date spot at Perkins Rowe. Katelyn walked in to find a table decorated with more roses, pictures and a final letter. There, Zach got down on one knee and asked Katelyn to be his wife. Surprised and excited, she shouted, yes!



 Soon after she said yes, their families came out from hiding. Everything was a complete surprise and the perfect way to celebrate their engagement.


With the help of family and friends, Zach and Katelyn are planning a beautiful October wedding at their church. Then it is off to Punta Cana for a relaxing honeymoon!

                                                        How sweet is their love story? 

They are just as incredible in person, trust me. The moment we met, I knew they were kind, caring and totally meant for one another.

A must stop, along the way to their engagement session, we headed to Perkins Rowe for a favorite treat they love to share, gourmet popsicles at Rock N' Pops! 

They were a joy to be around and we had an absolute blast capturing these moments. Thank you Zach and Katelyn, for a wonderful session. I can't wait for your big day!

"A chord of three strands is not easily broken."

                                             Ecclesiastes 4:12

Greenwood Plantation




Caitlyn and Stephen's love story is a fairy tale come to life. Caitlyn was heading into her senior year of high school and Stephen had just graduated. They struck up a friendship before realizing they cared for one another very deeply. With Caitlyn's prom just around the corner, Stephen wanted to make sure they were going as more than friends. He asked if she would be his girlfriend, and of course she said yes!



The next two years meant starting college, exploring new places, having each other's backs during the stressful times and supporting one another's dreams. 


On Caitlyn's birthday, Stephen took her to Downtown Baton Rouge and they sat by the water under moonlight.

To show his commitment and love he gave Caitlyn a beautiful promise ring.




"You're my always, you're my forever. You're my reality, you're my sunshine. You're my best times, you're my anomaly. And I'd choose you in a hundred lifetimes, I'd choose you in a hundred worlds, I'd find you..."

                                                                                                    -Ryann Darling, I Choose You




Caitlyn and Stephen love taking plantation tours and on September 18th, 2016, Stephen arranged a big surprise. He called Caitlyn's friends Courtney and Blane for some help. They toured Greenwood Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana. After seeing the home, they wandered the property and found a beautiful pond. Stephen said he wanted a photo with Caitlyn and handed over his phone. Before they could get into place, Stephen dropped to one knee. No one remembers what was said through all the tears and excitement, but you can guess what her answer was!




Caitlyn's ring was designed by Stephen; it's a black diamond, truly unique, and everything Caitlyn wanted. We photographed their engagement session at Greenwood Plantation and even snagged a few photos at the spot Stephen proposed!







Although Caitlyn is a cat person, this little guy wanted nothing more than to be her new best friend.

It was so sweet!




Alongside planning their December wedding, they love taking jeep rides, hiking, fishing and spending time with their families.





Their relationship has always been Christ centered,

something they know has helped them stay strong through thick and thin.




1 Corinthians 13:7-8 has always been a favorite scripture for Caitlyn. The idea that love is protective and persevering resonates strongly with her and Stephen.



Thank you, Caitlyn and Stephen, for allowing me to capture this wonderful step in your lives. I cannot wait to photograph your beautiful wedding!


Spring Family Session

It’s families like the Gills that remind me why I do what I do. Capturing their moments of joy and tenderness, preserving their memories, and charting their change all reignite the passion I have for my work.

My relationship with the Gill family began two years ago with a newborn shoot for their new son, Jesse.

A year later, I was able to work with them again to take his one year photos—he had already grown so much!

Now, at two years old, I was able to see again how much he has grown and changed, and how much they have grown and changed as a family. 

Our shoot this time took place in picturesque downtown Natchez on a bright spring day. Even though it took Jesse some time to warm up, as you can see, Mom and Dad were soon able to get him to relax in front of the camera.

Even though pictures only capture a second of time, they preserve a lifetime of memories. Jesse has grown so quickly, but the photos will always be there to stop time, to remember, to see how far he and Amanda and Cole have come.

And that’s why I do what I do. Sweet Jesse!

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