Courtney and Andrew Hemingbough Engagement Session

June 18, 2017




Courtney and Andrew have been making memories together

 since they first started dating in High School.

One of Courtney's fondest memories of their early High School romance, is the time Andrew took a detour on the way home from a date. Andrew brought Courtney to a beautiful field, parked the truck and turned on the radio. As the song "Remember When" by Allan Jackson began to play, Andrew asked Courtney to dance with him, so they stepped out of the truck and danced together in the field under a starry sky.



Courtney admire's Andrew's ability to face life's difficulties with courage and strength , she knows they will always support and encourage one another.


Courtney's ability to see others as more important than herself and putting others needs before her own has shown Andrew how much compassion Courtney has , he truly cherishes her for having such a big heart.


Because of their shared love of animals they plan on having a big yard someday, so they can add to the three kitties they already have, two of which are rescues, which have given them the desire to rescue more.

Thank you Courtney and Andrew for a wonderful day! I am looking forward to your beautiful fall wedding!