Do you want the Best Photos on your Wedding Day?

Do you want the Best Photos on your Wedding Day?

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You spend months planning your wedding and when it’s all over, you want your special moments captured well.  Planning your day so that your photos will be the best possible, includes considering each location of your day, travel time between locations, the time your chosen venue allows you to arrive before your ceremony, even sunset time on your specific day. As a photographer, here are some things I believe are worth considering.

1. Consider the Time of day for your photos

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If you love the idea of natural daylight for an outdoor ceremony you can use this Sunset guide to help determine the best time of day for your ceremony, (an hour or so before sunset) on that particular day of the year so you will know which photos you can have taken during the best light and how much daylight you will have after the ceremony.


2. Consider your Getting Ready Location


Consider the space, lighting, decor and color scheme.


 A large percentage of your photos will come from where you are getting ready. I have shot in a few getting ready locations where there were no windows, the rooms were lit only by artificial light which is not the most desirable light for good photographs. Some rooms have been small making it difficult to move around to capture important moments. 


The ideal location for you to get ready is a place with plenty of natural light. That means you should look for large windows. If not, we can always move to a door or window that provides natural light for special shots like, putting on your shoes, garter, earrings and veil, reading of letters, opening gifts, etc.

Also, make sure that the location is roomy enough to hold your bridal party, family, and hair and makeup artists.

Windows that are facing North or South are best for photos. They have even and soft lighting all day long which makes a great opportunity for good photos. 

3. Consider making a Timeline for Wedding Photography


 A Bride that is relaxed and happy makes a great opportunity for beautiful photos! TIME, allow TIME, so that your day is not rushed, so that you can enjoy your day and have a relaxed and beautiful smile!


Think about allowing time for a mini Bridal Session at your chosen venue. You could have a few gorgeous shots in as little as 20 minutes when you PLAN to allow time.


How long will it take for you to be finished with hair and makeup? Do you want photos with your girls in matching robes? Do you want to allow time for reading of letters, opening gifts, a First Look with Dad, with Groom? 


 How much travel time do you need to get from your getting ready location to your ceremony venue? How much time does your ceremony venue allow you to arrive before your ceremony ?


All of these will determine how much time you will ACTUALLY have for your Getting Ready and Pre-Ceremony photos. A Wedding Photography Timeline will help you to see when and where to schedule time for your desired wedding day photos.



Consider the photos that will give you the most joy in the future. 

Do you want to make time for a private session of the two of you before or after your ceremony?


Consider which of these photo opportunities are the most important to you. Consider your getting ready location, the time of day for your ceremony, as well as the time you allow for your wedding day photographs, so that you will have the best possible photos for your wedding day.